March 19-20, 2019 • Bowling Green, Kentucky

2019 Educational Tracks

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Commercial Structures: SEM/50001 Ready

Commercial Electrification Opportunities Overview

How Ductless is

Changing HVAC

Commercial Structures:
Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Reduce Post-Programmatic Stress Disorder for

Better Results

Commercial Structures: Electrification for Sustainability

Low-Mod Funding


Multi-Family - Busting
the Split-Incentive Myth

Contractor Toolbox:
Driving Leads with the
Latest in Digital Marketing

Working Together: How Utility Programs and Trade Allies Can Work Together to Maximize Demand and Lead Generation

Energy 101:

Basic Fundamentals

Energy 101:

Heat Flow and Control

Energy 101:

Air Flow and Control

Energy 101: Moisture Flow

and Control

Energy 101:

Mechanical Systems

Energy 101:

Health & Safety

New Construction:

Envelope & Air Sealing Considerations

New Construction: Moisture Management and New Rain Screen Solutions

Existing Construction:  The House is a System

Existing Construction: Moisture Diagnostics – An Essential Skill

Existing Construction:
Crawl Spaces: The Good,
The Bad and The Ugly

Existing Construction:

Bugs, Mold and Rot

Workforce Development: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Valuable Employees

Professional Development: Leadership: A Guaranteed

Way to Success

State Weatherization Assistance Program Perspective

Single Family - Habitat for Humanity and FAHE Best Practices and Innovation


Workforce Development

Electrify Everything:
The Next Generation of Residential Construction

Chasing Zero: A Clear Path to Building Net Zero Energy Homes

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